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Why Customer Care Organizations Have Only 10 Minutes to Make Their Customers Happy

By Sebastian Bott - March 13, 2018

Products are becoming increasingly better and reliable, the range is widening and competition is becoming stronger. Meanwhile, Chinese companies in particular are capturing the smartphone and consumer electronics industries, catching up with new features and reasonable prices at a rapid pace.

Today we have a highly competitive market that goes far beyond Samsung, Apple and Co. True differentiating characteristics are particularly being brought to the fore, led by an excellent customer care experience. But why is that so hard to implement? A plea for happier customers – and how it could work for you.

Knowing Your Customers Is Paramount for Great Service

The question of all questions to make a customer experience successful: Do you know your customers at all? Only then will you be able to meet their expectations. We did some research to find out who you as a smartphone, consumer electronics or emerging IoT brand are actually dealing with:

  • Over a half of tech users refer to themselves as conversationalists: Self-service or not – almost half of the respondents surveyed in a recent study by Conduent say that they actively seek contact with people. At the top of the list of customer care channels remain telephone calls and personal contact.
  • About a quarter are do-it-yourself heroes: Digitally savvy, they explicitly look for tools to help themselves. Website self-help or self-help mobile apps are usually the right solution for the majority of customers who shy away from direct contact. We’ve already written about the rise of the DIY generation in this blog post.
  • Customers are increasingly on the lookout for digital conversation partners: Your customers like establishing digital contact – and that can happen via email, chat or on social media. They accept instruction manuals, preferably ones that enable you to solve the problem yourself. Digital channels are now first choice when it comes to reaching out. Usage increased by 65 percent between 2015 and 2017, although you shouldn’t exclusively rely on them – because as the first point tells us: People appreciate the human touch.

Being Consistent and Straightforward in Every Single Interaction

The story is old, but the problem remains unsolved: Most companies fail to deliver a consistent service experience across all channels. Do you have a system that allows you to merge all customer and service interaction data onto one integrated platform? No? You are not alone. Tech brands suffer from a silo mentality and thus annoy nearly half of their customers.

The main thing customer service departments still lack is universal access to customer data. All information available at the touch of a button, no matter where the customer logs in, remains an unfulfilled dream. And permanently unsolved problems make customers even more impatient than new ones. Customer satisfaction dropped by 10 percent between 2015 and 2017. Take our advice to heart and invest in more consistency and straightforwardness across all channels.

Delivering Quality in Every Aspect of the Customer Experience

According to the Conduent study mentioned before, 40 percent of tech customers said that the quality of the product is the main reason they choose their supplier, even coming before the price argument which 18 percent find important. Quality is a wide statement and it is also manifested in customer care and how you deliver service and support.

Customers do not want to be gotten rid of or put off, and it’s true that no saving in the world is worth losing a customer. Therefore, do not make your employees work for too long, motivate them to provide true customer care, and give them credit where credit is due. The feedback from tech users is clear: They are used to speed and above all, they expect their problem to be solved first time round! We have explored the impact on your call center operations in this blog post.

Entering the Empathy Economy Means Staying Human

Don’t forget that in contrast to all digital transformation efforts, many customers still prefer personal contact – and many studies have shown ´that expert support is still the most effective channel for solving complex problems. Do not rob your customers ´of this option.

Real customer contact receives a whole new status in the increasingly automated reality of your customers. In this context, the rise of the Empathy Economy is increasingly being spoken about. This is based on the three human qualities that robots cannot fully imitate: creativity, community and empathy. If you rely on these three in the future, your company will excel in its customer service.

Summary: The Goal Is....Customer Satisfaction!

Whoever solves customer problems quickly and at the first attempt will be successful! What is the recipe to make it work for you as well? You take:

  • A wealth of information about your customers, visible from anywhere
  • A good dose of personal, human service
  • A sufficient number of trained, motivated staff
  • A focus on consistent quality
  • A pinch of individuality

Well mixed and with a focus on the right consistency – this will be your recipe for success!


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