"We Build Customer Service Capabilities to Nurture Customer Relationships"

By Sebastian Bott - February 20, 2019

MediaMarktSaturn is Europe’s largest retail group for consumer electronics. We met with Dennis Hooijmans, VP Services & Solutions at MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, to discuss the company’s customer service strategy, changing customer behaviors and the path to successful service innovation.

B2x: Customer service plays an increasingly important role as a differentiator in the consumer electronics industry. Can you confirm that also for the role of retailers?

Dennis Hooijmans: Absolutely, creating lifetime customer value is the key building block of our company strategy. Online retailers are challenging the traditional retail model but their model is very much focused on transactions. We are building up customer service capabilities to nurture our customer relationships by maximizing the product ownership experience through a holistic customer service experience.

B2x: How does this customer care experience look like?

Dennis Hooijmans: We combine online, remote, at home and in-store service offerings to a universal experience. This is unique and allows us to position MediaMarktSaturn as trusted partner and navigator in digital life – at any stage of the product life-cycle. Our goal is to offer the one-stop-shop experience – for both MediaMarktSaturn customers and people who bought their devices elsewhere.

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B2x: What relevance do technology capabilities play for you today and how will they impact your service delivery model in the future?

Dennis Hooijmans: With consumer electronics becoming more interconnected and customers looking for more personalized and instant support, conversational AI and cognitive solutions become of relevance in our industry. We are working on solutions for preventive support and new technologies can help us to reach new heights in service experiences. A connected, data-driven customer care ecosystem delivers in-depth insights, which we can use to provide the most convenient support options for customers.

B2x: Younger customer generations love to explore information online and do things on their own. How will this change your customer service approach in the future?

Dennis Hooijmans: We see Millennials and especially Generation Z becoming more open to a DIY culture. The growing popularity of self-service tutorials and third-party marketplaces selling spare parts and repair tools are a good indicator confirming this DIY trend. However, we’re convinced that the majority of customers will still turn to trusted service expert like us – especially when devices become more complex and expensive. But I agree, there’s room for DIY solution for easy-to-fix issues. And of course, we’d like to build on the community idea of younger generations, for example through product boot camps and support workshops. There will be so many exciting ways to engage with people and tie them closer to our brand.

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