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Digital Transformation Pushes Customer Care Innovations

By Sebastian Bott - December 29, 2016

In the last post of our end-of-the-year blog series, we’ll take a closer look at the latest technology developments. Digital transformation has eventually reached the customer care realm and enables smartphone brands to offer their customers an even more comprehensive service experience. A digitally connected customer care ecosystem, artificial intelligence and end-to-end integration will lead to further improvement of the customer experience in 2017.

In our last blog post, we discussed the service challenges that will keep the smartphone and IoT industries on their toes in the coming year. Designing a perfect customer experience will continue to be the dominant issue for customer care organizations in our industry. The good news: Digital transformation provides us with many new practical solutions we can use to successfully meet the challenge of ever increasing customer expectations. Below, we present the four most important technology trends of 2017 at a glance.

1. The Digital Customer Care Ecosystem

The speed with which digital transformation is progressing at all business levels will continue to accelerate. Expenditures for digitalization will reach a record level of $2.2 trillion by 2019, which is about 60 percent higher than this year’s amount spent. In addition to the digital transformation of internal business areas such as development, production, marketing and sales, more focus is being placed on the direct customer interface that constitutes customer care. Thanks to new technology platforms and open interfaces, fragmented service networks that emerged in the mobile industry over the past decade are growing into a global digitally connected ecosystem for customer care that connects brands with their customers like never before – at any time and at any place.

2. Smart Devices Are Actually Becoming Smart

While in the past few years the focus has been on design and features when it comes to the development of new smartphones and other mobile devices, we’ve now reached the era of immersive user experiences. Apple’s Siri and Google Now are feature forerunners of a new device generation that emphasizes intelligent interaction with the user. This opens up new possibilities in customer service. Suddenly, mobile devices are no longer just mindless hardware boxes, but have the potential to manage themselves autonomously and in intelligent interaction with the user. From self-diagnosis to self-healing, we’ll see new use cases emerge in the coming year, which we at B2X have already started to implement with our intelligent SMARTAPP self-help app.

3. Augmented Reality, Bots and Artificial Intelligence

What started as an experiment with Pokémon Go this year will be utilized for a variety of commercial applications in the coming year. More and more brands will rely on immersive interfaces to manage their customer relationships. For example, we can envision virtual service communities based on augmented reality. Artificial intelligence integrated into user devices could automatically switch to a virtual support expert operated via bots. What sounds like science fiction could very well become a reality in 2017 – at least in its initial stages.

4. End-to-End Customer Journey Integration

The integration of all service processes through a global technology platform such as our own SMARTCARE Technology will continue to be one of the most essential requirements for a seamless customer journey. From the moment a customer has a question or a device reports an error to the successful resolution of the problem or corresponding repair, numerous service interactions across various involved parties take place. Together, apps, websites and contact centers in the frontend as well as logistics service providers, repair centers and spare parts suppliers in the backend contribute to a perfect service experience. Only when the entire process is transparently displayed and synchronized through a uniform database can delays that ultimately lead to a disappointing service experience be avoided. 2017 will be the year of the fully integrated customer journey, which will become a reality thanks to platforms like B2X SMARTCARE Technology.


The digital transformation enables mobile brands to innovate the customer experience like never before. We at B2X operate a digitally connected customer care ecosystem in 140 countries. With our SMARTCARE solutions, we help some of the leading smartphone and IoT brands provide seamless service to their customers. How do you manage your customer experience? Please write to us and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest developments from B2X.


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