10 Tips To Protect Your Smartphone All Summer Long

By Robert Aderan - August 09, 2016

It's summertime and who doesn't dream of a perfect day by the sea? While a day at the beach can be a refreshing experience, too much heat and moisture can be bad for your smartphone. We have compiled the most important tips how to keep your smartphone safe in the summer.

Smartphones have become our life companions. We simply can’t live without them. During summer, people tend to go to the beach often to enjoy the sun and go for a swim. It is common nowadays to find people basking in the sun with their smartphones and tablets, browsing or taking pictures. In any case, what is the point of going to the beach and not taking a picture putting on the latest swimsuit or rocking the latest pair of sunglasses?

Unfortunately, excessive heat – especially for longer periods – causes all sorts of problems for your smartphone. Our global service data indicates that smartphone users, who live in hot and humid climate regions, experience more issues with their device than in cooler regions. Return rates are as much as up to 50 percent above the global average in India, Thailand and other Southeast Asia where temperatures and humidity are high. It confirms that too much heat and moisture can be dangerous for your smartphone. Here are ten things you should keep in mind.

1. Keep It Dry

It does not need rocket science to know that smartphones and water do not mix. There are several waterproof mobile phone cases like Frieq and Lifeproof. These cases are heavier than the regular bags and have extra features like a waterproof headphone jack. They are big enough to fit any phone irrespective of the phone size. In the event of your phone getting wet, take out the phone battery and SIM card and then put the phone into a container containing white rice. Leave it overnight so that the rice absorbs the moisture.

2. Keep It Clean

People sweat a lot during summer. They also end up using lots of moisturizers and sunscreen. All these might end up on your smartphone at any given point in time, creating a greasy substance on the screen, making it sticky. This can, however, be remedied through the use of wipes. You will find plenty of specialty cleaning wipes but they tend to be way overpriced. Instead you can use a dry microfiber cloth or wet baby wipes. Never use paper towels as they can cause scratches to your smartphone screen.

3. Sand Proof Your Smartphone

Most of the smartphone cases in the market have openings that can allow sand particles to enter and do some pretty bad damage to the device including scratched screens and clogged headphone jacks. Instead of putting your exposed gadget in a bag that can be filled with sand, you can put the phone in another plastic mesh pouch such that you can just shake the sand out.

4. Don’t Leave Your Phone in the Car

You may think that it is safe to leave your smartphone in the car. On the contrary, this may be actually be slowly damaging it. Remove your phone from the car and walk with it. If it remains in the car and the car gets hot, your phone might “fry”.

5. Don’t Stack Your Electronics On Top Of Each Other

It is not advisable to stack electronic devices on top of each other. These devices emit heat, and coupled with the summer heat, damage to your smartphone may occur.

6. Place Your Phone in a Shade

All electronic devices heat up a bit when in use. Leaving your phone in the sun for too long may lead to overheating, which can damage your battery. If you find your smartphone has overheated in the sun, let it cool gradually in the shade.

7. Avoid Playing Games

While out in the sun, you should avoid playing games, as they use a lot of processor power which generates heat. Coupled with the heat from the sun, the phone may get damaged.

8. Avoid using It For Directions

We know that it is tempting to use Google Maps or similar navigation apps while you are on vacation. But using navigation tools and GPS generates a lot of heat, which may lead to phone damage. Unless you really need it, we recommend you to switch it off.

9. Turn Off Idle Apps

Turn off apps like Bluetooth when not in use. They also use a lot of processor power that may result in generation of heat. As a result of the addition of sunrays, your phone might be damaged.

10. Turn Off the Phone

Turning off the phone is not only one of the best ways of minimizing heat that might damage your phone. It also helps you really relax while enjoying your summer at the beach. Instead of turning it off completely, you can also activate airplane mode. Airplane mode turns off all data and phone access hence keeping it cool.


Your smartphone is a pretty sensitive device. Especially high temperatures can permanently damage the circuit board of your smartphone or cause the battery to overheat. With our ten tips for using your smartphone in the summer you can avoid the headache of having to repair or replace it if damaged.



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