"Our Digital Customer Care Ecosystem Makes Us the Leading After-Sales BPO Company."

By Kimberly Meyer - July 12, 2017

10 years of B2X! We are celebrating our first big anniversary and are proud of our achievements so far. Founded in 2007 as a startup by Karim Barkawi and a small team of consultants, today B2X is the world’s leading provider of customer care solutions for smartphones and consumer IoT devices.

We talked with CEO Rainer Koppitz about the history and future of B2X. Rainer has been managing the global organization with more than 1,000 employees and operations in 140 counties since the beginning of last year.

B2X Blog: Rainer, can you still remember what kept you busy the most in 2007, the year that B2X was founded?

Rainer Koppitz: Yes, quite well, actually. At that time, I was leading the German business of Siemens Enterprise Communications. We faced many challenges, but what has remained in my memory regarding our industry is Steve Jobs and his impressive presentation of the first iPhone model. At a private presentation at Schloss Bensberg, I was one of the first Europeans to hold one in my hands and try some of the new features like flipping through a gallery of pictures – and all of a sudden I knew this device will change how we communicate and work. Interestingly enough, today Apple is one of B2X’s most important customers. That the introduction of the iPhone and the founding date of B2X should be in the same year is a nice coincidence. This was of course not planned, but it does fit together so well.

B2X Blog: The motto for the 10th anniversary is “10 Years of Innovation”. Which B2X innovation highlights most impress you?

Rainer Koppitz: From today’s point of view, our company founder Karim Barkawi must have had a sixth sense when he began with the idea of B2X. The entire mobile sector was facing a massive transformation that was driven not least by the introduction of the iPhone, as previously mentioned. The industry’s focus was on technology until the mid-2000s, and then a 180-degree shift suddenly happened towards the end user’s experience. Karim hit the nail on the head with the topic of customer care and laid the foundation for everything we’ve achieved.

B2X Blog: Can you name a few milestones?

Rainer Koppitz: An important first step was certainly the development of a broader customer base. B2X started with BenQ-Siemens as its only customer, but then Motorola (now Lenovo) and Sony Ericsson (now Sony Mobile) were added – and both Sony Mobile and Lenovo are still our loyal customers, by the way. As a result, a global service network emerged, which in turn enabled B2X to offer a very attractive solution to other customers. Today, we have expanded this network into a digitally connected customer care ecosystem and are the leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in after-sales services.

B2X Blog: What makes B2X different from other providers in the market?

Rainer Koppitz: On the one hand, we are not geographically limited and can offer a world-class service solution for our customers even in the most remote regions and in complex markets such as Brazil, India, Vietnam or Russia. On the other hand, we cover the entire range of customer care, from online self-help and contact center services to the repair of electronic devices inside and outside of the warranty period. All processes are supported by our SMARTCARE technology platform – each of our customers knows when, where and how one of their users is being helped. We ensure complete transparency and an excellent customer experience. In fact, no other provider in the market can do that.

B2X Blog: Can you give us some insights into B2X’s strategy?

Rainer Koppitz: Well, it is no real secret that we are heavily investing in our expansion in the rapidly growing IoT market. Gartner expects there to be 14 billion consumer IoT devices by 2020. This is a gigantic market and we are confident that we will be able to secure leadership early in this market segment. Our organization, our processes and our technology platform are well prepared for this market. And in part, we are automatically growing into this market together with our customers. Apple, Xiaomi or Samsung no longer just provide smartphones, but offer a wide range of connected devices – from smartwatches to networked fridges. In addition, there are a number of special providers in virtual reality, drones, wearables and smart home automation. All of these are very, very exciting target customers for us.

B2X Blog: What is your B2X highlight in this anniversary year 2017?

Rainer Koppitz: I am very proud of our entire team. Several months ago, we implemented a huge customer project with Microsoft. Our entire team worked day and night to complete everything in a relatively tight time frame. I am extremely grateful for all of this. Furthermore, we have recently been recognized by the Financial Times as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. What more could you want?


B2X is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year under the motto “10 Years of Innovation” and can look back on an impressive growth story. Founded in 2007 as a startup from a consulting project, today B2X is one of the leading providers of customer care solutions with more than 1,000 employees and a global presence in 140 countries. Many of the world’s leading smartphone and IoT brands rely on B2X, including Apple, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and Xiaomi. Follow B2X on LinkedIn or Twitter!



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